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ICOM | IC-9700 SDR 144/432/1296 MHz Transceiver

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ICOM | IC-9700 SDR 144/432/1296 MHz Transceiver

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ICOM | IC-9700 SDR 144/432/1296 MHz tranesceiver 100/50/10W

ICOM | IC-9700 SDR 144/432/1296 MHz Transceiver

All Mode, Tri-band Transceiver, with Built-in 1200 MHz - RF Direct Sampling System - Real-time Spectrum Scope with Waterfall Display

All Mode, Tri-band Transceiver with Built-in 1200 MHz

The IC-9700 is an all mode Tri-band transceiver, covering 2 m, 70 cm, and 23 cm. In addition to the traditional SSB, AM, FM, CW, and RTTY modes, the transceiver also incorporates D-STAR DV and DD modes. Satellite mode is also built-in!

RF Direct Sampling System

The RF Direct Sampling system, for 144 MHz and 430 MHz, is utilized in the IC-9700. The outcome is that the signal purity is very high, and clear audio can be generated.

Real-Time Spectrum Scope and Waterfall Display

This is the first time for an Icom VHF/UHF transceiver to have a real-time spectrum scope and waterfall display comparable to an HF high tier transceiver. With
the high-speed spectrum scope, you can instantly see the operating band condition.


Independent Receiver, Full Duplex Operation

The IC-9700 can simultaneously receive on two different bands, and two different modes. This function can be a significant advantage when participating in contests or searching for weak signals. Furthermore, the IC-9700 is Full Duplex, which enables you to transmit on the main band while receiving on the sub band.

Newly Designed Power Amplifier

The power amplifier outputs stable power with high efficiency (144/430/1200 MHz band: 100/75/10 watts). The cooling system prevents the PA from overheating, even when operating for a long time.

      This is a comparison between two transceivers’ rear chassis temperatures when continuously transmitting for 15 minutes. The IC-910* rises to 65 °C while the IC-9700 rises only to 45 °C.
* Japanese version example when testing at 50 W.



D-STAR Operation Friendly Functions

Speaker unitThe IC-9700 has the D-STAR Repeater (DR) function that can be simultaneously used on both the Main and Sub bands to listen to two separate DV signals. Moreover, by using the DD mode, you can browse the Internet through a repeater station.



Built-in DV Gateway Functions

A static IP address can be set to the transceiver. If you set a global IP  address to your router, you can use the Terminal mode or Access Point mode without any software applications.

Transmit phase noise characteristics

Connection example (AP mode)

* These function1s can be used only when using through D-STAR G3 repeater.
* See the instruction manual that comes with the transceiver when operating.

Comprehensive Menus for Satellite Operation

The Normal and Reverse Tracking Functions simultaneously increase or decrease both the downlink and uplink frequencies in the same steps. The AFC Function follows the frequency change caused by the Doppler effect, thus maintaining a stable receive condition. The IC-9700 has 99 satellite memory channels.

Audio Scope Function

Making good use of the Audio Scope function, various audio characteristics, such as microphone compressor level, filter width, notch filter width, and keying waveform in the CW mode can be monitored. Transmit or receive audio can either be displayed on he FFT scope and the oscilloscope.

Other Features

• Loud and clear audio

• Compatible with the RS-BA1 Version 2 and CI-V commands

• Built-in server function

• Digital Twin PBT

• CW functions: Full break-in, CW memory keyer, CW reverse, CW auto tuning

• SD card slot

• TX/RX audio recording

• Screen capture ...and more



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