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Multi Keyer for two station...

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The MK-1100 multi-function keyer is a device that connects to your PC via a serial port and provides a variety of functions needed for a contest operation. It functions as a switchbox for SO2R (single-operator, two-radio) contesters, but SO2R is not the only reason you might need a multi-keyer. All multi-keyer functions work on Windows 95, 98, Windows NT, Windows 2000, and Windows XP.


  1. CW generation independent of the processor load on your PC running WriteLog. The "PC generates" CW option in WriteLog is vulnerable to timing disruptions caused by multi-tasking on your PC. If you run only WriteLog during your contesting operations, you probably won't hear any CW timing problems, but some network drivers, CD writers, etc. have been known to multi-task poorly enough to affect WriteLog's CW generation.
  2. Separate opto-isolated CW outputs for a Left and a Right rig. WriteLog's PC-generates CW function provides a single CW output plus a L/R output signal which requires an external relay to route separately to Left and Right rigs.
  3. As an alternative to (2), the multi-function keyer provides separate TTL-level CW outputs on pin 17 of each of two LPT port connections if you already have LPT-to-CW cables compatible with other logging program CW outputs.
  4.  Separate opto-isolated PTT outputs for a Left and Right rig. The keyer's PTT output can be configured in WriteLog specially for CW. For CW, it can be off (for QSK operation), or it can be programmed to insert a delay between PTT closure and the first CW character. If a PTT delay is selected it is imposed not only for PC-sent CW, but also for paddle-sent CW.
  5. The PTT signals appear not only on the opto-isolated phone jacks, but also on pin 16 of the 25 pin D connectors for the antenna relay outputs.
  6. The keyer has a footswitch input which causes a PTT closure for the current radio, Left or Right.
  7. Paddle inputs for sending CW. Touching a paddle aborts any PC-generated CW in progress. WriteLog provides an INI file option to select your preference of the "automatic letter space" keyer mode. With the auto spacing turned ON, the paddle-sent CW extends any space between symbols that's longer than a dot space to the 3 dot space inter-letter morse standard.
  8. Antenna relay outputs separately for Left and Right rigs. The same pin out WriteLog supports on standard LPT ports for antenna relays is supported on the multi-function keyer.
  9. Headphone audio switching. The audio relays in the multi-function keyer are controlled by WriteLog to match the 2 radio Entry Window in WriteLog according to the settings you have made in WriteLog's Radio menu entries. The menu entries include both headphones connected to the active radio or one headphone to each radio. In either mode, there is a headphone latch menu entry that causes WriteLog to latch both headphones to the inactive radio until the transmission in progress finishes. When the transmission finishes, the headphones return to their previous setting (both ears on the active radio, or one ear on each radio). The multi-keyer's receiver audio wiring is stereo, so rigs with sub-receivers are fully supported.
  10. The Antenna relay, PTT, and CW outputs on the multi-function keyer LPT port outputs work on all current Windows operating systems: Windows 95/98/NT/2000. This keyer is the only supported way to obtain antenna relay outputs on Windows NT and Windows 2000. Because of parallel port driver limitations, WriteLog does not support the LPT ports on Windows NT/2000 PCs.
  11. The multi-function keyer requires an RS-232 connection to your PC, but it can support all the above functions and rig control for one rig on just one serial port. Assuming you already were doing rig control on a serial port, then the multi-function keyer requires no additional ports on your PC.
  12. The multi-function keyer generates a CW sidetone in the headphones for both Left/Right CW transmissions. The CwSidetonePaddles=NO in the Writelog.ini [configuration] section tells WriteLog to not generate a CW sidetone for PC-generated CW. CwSidetoneMachineSent=NO in the same section tells WriteLog not to generate a CW sidetone for machine-sent CW.
  13. The keyer includes a speed control potentiometer and a SPST switch on a remoting cable to control CW speed and left/right radio switching manually without the PC running. Includes: Keyer Remote speed and L/R switch box on 3 ft. cable...

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