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 MAY 2014

4O3A - SKY SAT on HAMtech

New HAMtech partner is company
SKY SAT aka 4O3A from Montenegro. High-quality equipment station automation, rotary towers and high-quality solid state linear amplifiers are now available on the HAMtech online store.

From the products we must mention SSC XL controller, High Power bandpass filters, solid state 1kW modular linear amplifiers weight only 7kg, ...

Rig Expert measuring equipment

Portable hand-held battery-powered graphical antnna analyzers allow measurements directly at the antenna system. The graphical presentation the effects of tuning and adjusting the antenna is visible immediately. The ease of operation allows for comfortable measurements such as SWR, reflection, impedance, cable fault position, C & L of reactive loads and many more.

With the memory function we can quickly compare different antennas (not available in all models). We can transfer measured data via USB port to a computer. Sotware for data transfer for Windows (32 and 64-Bit) is available as free download. Also can use USB port for firmware update.

Rig Expert® graphical antenna analysers AA-30, AA-54, AA-170, AA-600, AA-1400 are now available in HAMtech online store.

DUAL High performance antennas

The best amateur radio HF/VHF/UHF/SHF, monoband and multiband, yagi, vertical and wire antennas are products from DUAL Company from Serbia. Excelent 50MHz, 144MHz, 432MHz and 1296MHz yagis are available in diferent lenght, bandwidth and gain. All antennas are optimazed for 150km/h survivel speed. On Picture left is 3B-334 High Performance 3-band antenna...



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