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..   DEC 2016

News from Monte Negro

The PowerGenius XL is a 100% duty cycle, legal limit (1500W ICAS) 1.8-54 MHz RF amplifier intended for both amateur and government use.  It incorporates a pair of modern NXP 1K5H LDMOS transistors that are individually capable of 1.5 kW thus providing plenty of headroom for lowest IMD and spurious output. Efficiency and spurious performance are also enhanced through the use of diplexed filters.

Multiple band selection methods are supported including CAT, CI-V, BCD band decode and Ethernet.  When connected to a FLEX-6000 transceiver, band selection is fully automated through the Ethernet connection.  Even T/R control is provided over the Ethernet connection to further minimize wiring. In addition, all amplifier status reporting including power levels, fault conditions and resets are reported to the FLEX-6000 Signature Series transceiver using the SmartSDR API.  SmartSDR client interfaces such as SmartSDR for Windows, Maestro and others can display power levels and other reported statuses.

For remote operation with other HF radio exciters, an Ethernet API or friendly Windows and Android applications can control the PowerGenius XL. For contest operation, the PowerGenius XL is SO2R capable with two inputs and two outputs for two sources and antennas and the rapid band switching eliminates the need for two amplifiers. A single FLEX-6700 and PowerGenius XL comprises a complete SO2R station at half the cost of competing solutions.

The Power Genius XL amplifier will be priced competitively with specific pricing and availability announced after FCC and CE certification has been achieved. Power Genius XL will be packaged to complement FlexRadio’s FLEX-6000 Signature Series transceivers.



Yaesu is showing the FT-891 at Dayton this weekend, together with the new FC-50 tuner. Architecture is based on the FT-991, but without VHF/UHF. The Yaesu FT-891 is the smallest at lightest 100W HF transceiver ever built, at 155x52x218mm and 1.9Kg. Unfortunately the 2A current draw on standby makes it unsuited for truly portable operations. According to the rise of SDR technology we would also expect something like that from YAESU. Plucked version of FT991 without VHF/UHF might be successful only at an extremely low price.



 Full size dipole antenna 15m, 12m and 10m. Excellent mechanical properties. Wind survival speed 150 km/h. One SO239 input connector. Three band rotary dipoles 3B-Dipole-21-24-28MHz comes with high quality balun. Power up to 500W 


Rotator Genius - New smart rotator controller is in many ways unique. It has TCP/IP control that allows to be controlled remotely or locally from your computer, tablet, mobile phone and Flex radio front panel. Download the Quick Installation Guide for even more details.

INTERFACE Genius - Modem is a USB / LAN SO2R radio interface and radio modem. Download the manual draft here


NEW X-POL antennas from DUAL

Dual polarity Yagi antennas could easily achieve any polarization. Horizontal, vertical, Left Hand Circular Polarization (LHCP) and Right Hand Circular Polarization (RHCP). Ideal to be used with Linrad or MAP65 software or serious EME, MS or DX work. 

XPole antennas have been developed for 6 and 2m bands for EME systems. The latest achievement is the 28-elements xpole EME tropo antenna for 144MHz with an superior G/T ratio...

Rig Expert measuring equipment

Portable hand-held battery-powered graphical antnna analyzers allow measurements directly at the antenna system. The graphical presentation the effects of tuning and adjusting the antenna is visible immediately. The ease of operation allows for comfortable measurements such as SWR, reflection, impedance, cable fault position, C & L of reactive loads and many more.

With the memory function we can quickly compare different antennas (not available in all models). We can transfer measured data via USB port to a computer. Sotware for data transfer for Windows (32 and 64-Bit) is available as free download. Also can use USB port for firmware update.

Rig Expert® graphical antenna analysers AA-30, AA-54, AA-170, AA-600, AA-1400 are now available in HAMtech online store.



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