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..   APRIL 2015


Three-Band WARC antenna 5 elements for 30m, 17m and 12m band with central wide spaced elements that can fit in antenna towers up to 1m wide. Specially designed for rotary towers.


WARC 3-Band antenna PA101824-5-3HD can fit in the middle of rotary towers or on the top. We propose tower not wider than 0.8 m. It will perfectly fit with about 12 cm space from all elements to tower. Ideal as second antenna below your main HF antenna.




 Full size dipole antenna 15m, 12m and 10m. Excellent mechanical properties. Wind survival speed 150 km/h. One SO239 input connector. Three band rotary dipoles 3B-Dipole-21-24-28MHz comes with high quality balun. Power up to 500W 


Rotator Genius - New smart rotator controller is in many ways unique. It has TCP/IP control that allows to be controlled remotely or locally from your computer, tablet, mobile phone and Flex radio front panel. Download the Quick Installation Guide for even more details.

INTERFACE Genius - Modem is a USB / LAN SO2R radio interface and radio modem. Download the manual draft here


NEW from Xiegu: X108G QRP

X108G  outdoor  version is an X108 upgraded version. It is a single-conversion HF transceiver. In particular to optimize the receive channel , it has a lower local noise and higher signal to noise ratio, up 0.25uV & 12dB; the machine comes standard with a 2.3k SSB and CW filter 500Hz narrow-band filter, the filter excellent properties that dramatically improves the overall performance. The machine has a large dynamic range AGC control, so X108G when receiving various signals appear at ease; in addition, also has S meter, power meter standing, NB capabilities, to meet the daily needs of the operator. RF transmit channels using MOS pipe imports, the machine APC circuit to ensure the machine is kept constant RF output power level in each frequency band, but also according to actual needs, adjust the output power, and with a high VSWR protection. Overall performance indicators to meet the national standard, FCC (or CE) certification requirements. X108G outdoor version equipped with a color OLED solid state LCD screen, which allows you to clear outdoor viewing content displayed on the screen when you use; around all-aluminum handle configurations, to better protect the machine. More >

Rig Expert measuring equipment

Portable hand-held battery-powered graphical antnna analyzers allow measurements directly at the antenna system. The graphical presentation the effects of tuning and adjusting the antenna is visible immediately. The ease of operation allows for comfortable measurements such as SWR, reflection, impedance, cable fault position, C & L of reactive loads and many more.

With the memory function we can quickly compare different antennas (not available in all models). We can transfer measured data via USB port to a computer. Sotware for data transfer for Windows (32 and 64-Bit) is available as free download. Also can use USB port for firmware update.

Rig Expert® graphical antenna analysers AA-30, AA-54, AA-170, AA-600, AA-1400 are now available in HAMtech online store.



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